16.004 | 5 steps to GO ...

We will rely heavily on  GTD (getting things done) principals from David Allen to help guide us in our quest to Get Organized. 


We will address each of these 5 keys to getting and staying organized as we move forward, but for now we want to simply share them with you to help you get familiar with the overarching goals we want to achieve in our efforts to Get Organized.

1 | Capture - Your first step will involve developing good habits for "capturing" ALL the "stuff" that comes into your life that you have commited to "do something about".  

2 | Clarify - You will then  "process" each item to decide what it is and what it means to you. 

3 | Organize - For all the "stuff" you are commited to "do", you will want to "sort it out" and "file it" in a place that matches what it means to you.

4 | Reflect - Once you have captured and organized all your commitments, you will want to make sure you "review" them all on a regular basis to stay calm and current.

5 | Engage - At some point, after all the organization and clarification, it will actually be time to "DO your STUFF". 

16.003 | My favorite GTD quotes ...

Here are my 2 favorite quotes from the Getting Things Done book.


They are the most memorable to me as they address issues at the CORE of what it takes to impliment GTD principals and to successfully GET ORGANIZED. 

"Your mind if for having ideas, not holding them."

This may not seem a radical idea at first blush, but anyone who has tried to "keep everthing in their head" will know what a futile task this can be. If the only place you are tracking your commitments is in your head, you will likely be in a constant state worry and stress.

"Get stuff OUT OF YOUR HEAD, and into a TRUSTED SYSTEM." 

Whether this is your first real effort at Getting Organized or an ongoing attempt to calm the chaos, we recommend this phrase become your mantra. To best apply the principals of GTD and "Get Organized", you will need to develop a TRUSTED SYSTEM for capturing all the "stuff" you have commited to do. If you don't find a way to capture all your commitments (big and small), you won't have a system you can trust.

I'll take the liberty here to modify David's quote just slightly.... 

 "Get stuff out of your head and into a trusted SHARED system."

I add the word shared for two reasons. 

1... It is rare that any of us are working alone to fulfill our commitments.  

2... With today's technological advances, it is so much easier to find ways to collaborate with others it just makes sense to share. 

Whether you are involved with a large team working on a complicated project or you simply need to coordinate a grocery list with your spouse, the ability to access a SHARED system can be immensly useful when trying to Get Organized

16.002 | Read David Allen's book....

This had to be one of the first tips on the site.



The principals in this book will be at the core of most of what we share here.  

We expect you won't have to read the book to get some benefit from this site, but we are confident you will find it immensely  useful if / when you do read the book. 

Read David Allen's book "Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress-Free Productivity". If you are like me, and have trouble actually reading for any length of time, an audio version of the new and revised version of Getting Things Done is also available at Audible.com.

You might also like to check out the Getting Things Done website.


16.001 | Getting Organized ...

Welcome to the GObytes website. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. Our goal is to share "byte" sized tips and tricks here that can help us all relax and calm the chaos that has become the "every day"  state of our every increasingly busy and distracted lives.


With that in mind.... What does "getting organized" mean to you? 

It can mean many different things to many different people. However, we love the idea that, at the simplest of definitions, getting organized just means having your "stuff" where it needs to be to match what it means to you.