Evernote as a key "reference storage bucket" for Getting Organized

We are always talking to clients about ways to "get stuff out of your head and into a trusted system" and we have found that Evernote is often a great place to start and can be a key component of the trusted system for many people.

Here is a quick tip video showing how to easily get important email saved into Evernote.

In this video, you'll learn how to save key email conversations in Evernote.

Pro tip here... if you add @notebook name or #tag name to the end of the title of the forwarded email, you can have the note "auto file" itself in your system.

For example if you have a notebook called travel and you use tags like receipt and reservation, your forward email subject line might look like this...

FWD: Hotel reservation & confirmation for London Trip @travel #receipt #reservation

For more pro tips on emailing to evernote, check out their support article here