16.005 | Capture all your STUFF...

We have so much "input" in today's chaotic world it may seem impossible to capture all the stuff that has our attention. However, we also live in amazing times where we can chat with our mobile devices and have it record and transcribe out musings. So maybe this task is not as impossible as it may seem at first.

The idea here is to take all those inputs (boss, co-worker, email, texts, voicemail, kids, spouse, parents, friends, family, etc, etc, etc.) and collect them in "buckets". Everyone will have their own set of collection buckets, but the idea is to have a FEW as possible but as MANY as needed to make YOUR SYSTEM function.

And as we said before. The PRIMARY goal is to get all this "STUFF" out of your head... because the worst and most leaky storage bucket is YOUR BRAIN ;-)