16.004 | 5 steps to GO ...

We will rely heavily on  GTD (getting things done) principals from David Allen to help guide us in our quest to Get Organized. 


We will address each of these 5 keys to getting and staying organized as we move forward, but for now we want to simply share them with you to help you get familiar with the overarching goals we want to achieve in our efforts to Get Organized.

1 | Capture - Your first step will involve developing good habits for "capturing" ALL the "stuff" that comes into your life that you have commited to "do something about".  

2 | Clarify - You will then  "process" each item to decide what it is and what it means to you. 

3 | Organize - For all the "stuff" you are commited to "do", you will want to "sort it out" and "file it" in a place that matches what it means to you.

4 | Reflect - Once you have captured and organized all your commitments, you will want to make sure you "review" them all on a regular basis to stay calm and current.

5 | Engage - At some point, after all the organization and clarification, it will actually be time to "DO your STUFF".